Today's poultry industry is a large scale and highly advanced entity with numerous job opportunities for well trained and motivated men and women who wish to achieve a high level of career advancement. Can you visualize yourself as a broiler processing plant manager, a flock service technician, a quality control manager, a feedmill manager, a hatchery manager, a poultry veterinarian, a nutritionist, an agricultural engineer, a geneticist, or a marketing specialist?

Guess what...these are just a small handful of positions available for college educated individuals with a desire to specialize in poultry science. Can you see your future in poultry? Just take a look. It's waiting for you!

PSA Career Center


Through the PSA Career Center, you will discover a unique online resource for recruiting qualified poultry professionals not found anywhere else.

The Poultry Science Association created the PSA Career Center to provide employers and job seeking professionals a centralized place for hiring and applying to jobs within the fields of poultry science and the poultry industry.

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